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Top of the morning ta' ya

Hello Livejournal enthusiasts, it has been a while.

A lot has happened over the last couple of years. Not that I expect anyone to be reading or following me any more, but I'm just bored at work and need to kill a bit of time.

So. I graduated from college. I work at a marketing company as their lead designer. It's cool cuz I get to wear whatever I want and it's a small office with relatively nice people, but I'm craving more of a challenge. I dont know if design is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but for now, I'm enjoying it pretty well.

Fam is doing well. Dana is happy and healthy with a nice guy-who knows if it will last, but the important thing is that she's happy and doing well. Same with Mom, Dad and Pete. Everyone is doing pretty well. Pete's got himself a new lady, and she's pretty awesome. Really sweet girl-seems good for pete :)

I guess the biggest news is that I got engaged about a month ago. After almost four years, Matt popped the question a few days after my birthday. I couldn't be happier. I'm still riding the high from it honestly. Got a lot of work to do and a lot of decisions to make, but so far it's been really fun doing so. In 15 months, I'll be Matt's wife and although I dont want to wish a year away, I can't wait :)

It's crazy to see how we grow as individuals. I looked back through my old entries and even the sad or frustrated ones make me kind of smile. Seems like just yesterday everyone was going to livejournal to share their thoughts with the world (or at least their friends). It's nice to think back to simpler times before becoming an "adult".

Well, that's life though. Growing up, moving on. Experiencing problems which you later realize were not as earth-shattering as they seemed at the time. It's crazy and a little bittersweet to grow up, but the experiences, people and lessons I've had, met and learned, are ones I wouldn't trade for the world.

It's been a while livejournal.

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I read it! yay :) I love you and miss you, Katie! Congratulations to you and Matt!!! <3
Congratulations on everything, Katie. I'm so happy for you.