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Top of the morning ta' ya [17 Jun 2011|01:47pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Hello Livejournal enthusiasts, it has been a while.

A lot has happened over the last couple of years. Not that I expect anyone to be reading or following me any more, but I'm just bored at work and need to kill a bit of time.

So. I graduated from college. I work at a marketing company as their lead designer. It's cool cuz I get to wear whatever I want and it's a small office with relatively nice people, but I'm craving more of a challenge. I dont know if design is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but for now, I'm enjoying it pretty well.

Fam is doing well. Dana is happy and healthy with a nice guy-who knows if it will last, but the important thing is that she's happy and doing well. Same with Mom, Dad and Pete. Everyone is doing pretty well. Pete's got himself a new lady, and she's pretty awesome. Really sweet girl-seems good for pete :)

I guess the biggest news is that I got engaged about a month ago. After almost four years, Matt popped the question a few days after my birthday. I couldn't be happier. I'm still riding the high from it honestly. Got a lot of work to do and a lot of decisions to make, but so far it's been really fun doing so. In 15 months, I'll be Matt's wife and although I dont want to wish a year away, I can't wait :)

It's crazy to see how we grow as individuals. I looked back through my old entries and even the sad or frustrated ones make me kind of smile. Seems like just yesterday everyone was going to livejournal to share their thoughts with the world (or at least their friends). It's nice to think back to simpler times before becoming an "adult".

Well, that's life though. Growing up, moving on. Experiencing problems which you later realize were not as earth-shattering as they seemed at the time. It's crazy and a little bittersweet to grow up, but the experiences, people and lessons I've had, met and learned, are ones I wouldn't trade for the world.

It's been a while livejournal.


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[01 Oct 2009|07:39pm]
I'm a nervous wreck.

ugh. I hope it's just another case of my overthinking.

Part of me does believe that I'll be able to do this...I just hope I dont screw up along the way.

first day of my new job tomorrow. lots of pressure and I'm sure as heck feeling it...

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Yipee! [08 Sep 2009|08:02pm]
OK, I cant sit still right now and I'm pacing around like crazy cuz I'm so excited!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me!

Details to come!

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[04 Sep 2009|11:44am]
wow. I feel like a total asshole.

I really hope it doesnt last.

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ARG! [01 Sep 2009|10:12pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

you know what? I'm pretty sick of feeling sick; my stomach has been upset at least once a week since January and I just wish that the medicine they gave me for it actually worked.

I'm definitely being a crabby lady today but every once in a while, everyone needs a day to just be a bitch. And for me, that day is today.

Phil Collins, please make me feel better.

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[04 Jul 2009|12:57pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Drug Store Robber Suspected in other holdups for Pills

Macomb Daily staff photo by Craig Gaffield A robber targeted this drugstore Friday morning, fleeing with OxyContin and Vicodin pills.

By Jameson Cook, Macomb Daily Staff Writer

A man who robbed a Sterling Heights drugstore of prescription pills at gunpoint Friday morning may have been the same bandit who committed similar acts in Clawson and Eastpointe, police said.

A white male wielding a steel blue revolver robbed the CVS store at 15 Mile and Schoenherr roads at 9:10 a.m., fleeing on foot with an unknown number of prescription pills, according to Sterling Heights Lt. Robert Henigan.

His description and method somewhat matched recent incidents at a CVS store on Rochester Road in Clawson and in Eastpointe, Henigan said. Detectives from the communities will soon review surveillance videos of at least two of the incidents to determine if the culprit is a serial robber, Henigan said.

The bandit in Friday's robbery demanded the painkillers OxyContin and Vicodin from the pharmacist, but police weren't sure if those type of pills were handed over to him, the lieutenant said.

In the June 3 Clawson robbery, the culprit, while flashing a .38-caliber revolver, gave a pharmacist a note demanding "all" of the pharmacy's Vicodin.

A similar incident occurred in Eastpointe within two weeks prior to the Clawson robbery, Clawson police said.

He fled on foot in Clawson and got into a green car. The robber in Sterling Heights was not seen by witnesses after exiting the store, but Henigan said police believe he went west and got into a getaway vehicle.

The robber in Thursday's incident was described as in his 20s, 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds, with blonde or light brown hair, according to police. He was wearing a gray T-shirt, light-colored baggy pants, white sneakers and a gray and black fleece hat with a bill.

Anyone with information can call detectives in Sterling Heights at (586) 446-2826 or Detective Lt. Scott Sarvello in Clawson at (248) 655-4454.

I'm sorry but I really dont care if I offend anyone when I say this but:

If you take pills for recreational purposes, than you're fucking pathetic.

I think that people doing this for a high, as opposed to people who really need it, are fucking stupid. I'm sorry if it makes me a bitch, but I dont feel so bad for people who overdose on things like this. You know you shouldnt be taking it in the first place, let alone, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 pills a day...people like this disgust me.

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[03 Jul 2009|11:19am]
Ugh. I am so ready for the next steps in life

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[10 Jun 2009|01:45pm]
I'm going to NYC in a week and a half. I cant wait! 3 nights and 4 days away from work, stress and the depressing state of Michigan with my best friend and better half, Matthew <3

Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait! shopping, musicals, walking, fun bars and just relaxing will feel so good :)


(in me)

[16 May 2009|03:23pm]
I love him so much. He brightens my day; even his presence around me makes me feel so secure and safe. He always makes me laugh and is there to hold me and make me smile when I'm sad. I think he's tops :)


I'm very happy


I'm very blessed :)

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[03 May 2009|11:05am]
I am officially a college graduate :)

(in me)

[30 Apr 2009|02:12pm]
I had such a wonderful time in Chicago with Matty. The time spent we spent together there reinforces just how happy I am with him.

Thursday: Arrived at 1ish and explored downtown for about an hour. Stopped to get some lunch only to realize the the honeymustard on my sandwich contained wasabi. :( So we left downtown and checked into our hotel about 15 miles outside of downtown Chicago. We freshened up, got fancy, picked up Gastan, and then went to the rehersal at the church followed by the rehersal dinner at a yummy deepdish pizza place, mmmm! Gastan and I talked soccer. First time meeting him, but he was so sweet! Dinner and wine was great, then I went back to the hotel to get some ZZZ's and matty and the boys hopped the L downtown for a boys night at the bar. He came in around 2 and that was the end of day one.

Friday: Matty and I woke up early then hopped on the L to go to the cheesecake factory! We walked around downtown and then arrive at our beloved factory, estatic that we were able to be seated right away. As were were commenting on how great it was that we had a whole day to ourselves with nothing to do until later at night, D called us frantically begging us to meet him at a local supermarket to help him get booze for the meet n greet party he was throwing for everyone that night. I was put in charge of womanly tasks, like, napkins, plates, cups, etc...we packed it all into his tiny rented mustang then drove back to the hotel. he gave us the key to his suite so Matty, myself and Hadley (who met us at the hotel) brought the stuff back to his room. Being a typical woman, I began to set everything up and tried to make everything look nice and fancy. It worked. Monica (D's wife) came up to me later and thanked me, revealing that several of her friends asked if she had used a party planner :) After I finished setting up, Matty, Sai, and Hadley went to go pick up the food and stop for drinks at Hooters, while I showered and got ready for the party. The party was SO much fun. I finally got to meet most of the members of the Mag 7 and was thrilled to meet their lovely wives (tessa and jessica are the sweetest girls in the world!) I was thrilled that the boys and wives loved me and proceeded to tell matt so :) I'm glad I'm making a good impression on people who are so important to matt, plus they are such wonderful people! The meet n greet began around 6 and by 1:30, most had left except for the Mag 7. When people started leaving, I began cleaning up and helping D out. Finally, Matty and I went home, showered and passed out to conclude day two.

Saturday: Again, we woke up early. Matty left for D's room to work on Monica's big surprise, while I got ready then tried to fall back asleep. We he returned, we met the Mag 7 in the lobby and went to Garidanos for lunch (a well know deep dish pizza place in Chi-town) after lunch we came back to the hotel and began to get ready for the wedding. Matty left early and I went with everyone on the party bus. The ceremony was so nice. The church was HUGE and was so beautiful! So after the ceremony, Matty pulled me aside and asked that I please drive back with him instead of the bus. I was happy to do so, until I realized that Matt had given his keys to Hadley, thinking Hadley would've given them to me. So we were stuck at the chuch until the photographer offered to drive us back to the hotel for the reception. We finally got back then had some cocktails and then a very, very yummy dinner! Matt's speech went so well, and everyone loved it! It was so funny and he had so many people laughing :) Later on in the night we the groomsmen unveiled their big surprise for Monica...a temptations styled dance number to my girl while dominick sang it to her. Adorable! So the night went on, the drinks flowed and pictures were taken (they had a photobooth!) I went upstairs around midnight followed closely by matty. I showered, crawled into bed and slept like a baby :)

Sunday: Again, we woke up early, and met the Mag 7 for yummy breakfast. We ate until we felt like we could pop, then said our goodbyes. Matty and I went to a little places outside of chicago where we hung out for a little bit, then drove home to MI. We stopped at Ann Arbor on our way home for dinner, then continued on to SCS where a very excited Murphy was patiently waiting for us. I said my goodbyes to matt and then went inside. Thusly ending out vacation.

It was such a fun time and I cant wait for the other trips he and I are planning this summer. :)

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[16 Apr 2009|05:44pm]
this time next week, I'll be in chicago for the weekend! two weeks from today, I'll be done with school with only one final left to go. Three weeks from now, I'll be walking across a stage, graduating YAY!!

I'm so excited about chicago. I love weddings, I just hope I dont get lonely since it's Matt's best friend getting married, his friends that are the guests at the wedding, and since he's the best man and will be gone all day doing best man stuff. Regardless, I think it'll be a good time; even if it isnt exactly a romantic trip, or if we dont get alone time--that's what our vaca to NYC will be for! I'm just happy that we'll be able by to go on our own vacations within the next couple of months--I absolutely love being with him.

Sara and I picked up our graduation attire and tickets yesterday. I cant even begin to express how happy I am that I'll be done with school! It's such a relief, but at the same time, I'm so scared. For the first time in my life, I dont have anything set up for me to do next when I'm done. I hate our economy right now. I'm praying that I'll be able to network and get at least and internship within a couple of months but I dont think I'd be able to get a job right away :/ it's scary stuff.

anyways, wife swap is on, and after that I need to start packing and studying some more. (Yes I know I'm not going to chicago for another week, but I have to study, finish homework, and work, so I have almost no time this week to do it!)

(in me)

[05 Apr 2009|11:47am]
I feeling a little bit hurt, pissed off and reasoning that I'm not justified to feel either pissed off or hurt. But I just am.


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[16 Mar 2009|09:48am]
I saw Let the right one In last night because I had heard several reviews praising this movie. It even says on the cover quote: "Best. Vampire Movie. Ever." end quote. My opinion: Hardly.

It was soooooooooooooo werid and I couldnt even take it seriously some of the time and found myself laughing in certain scenes that probably didnt need to be laughed at. I get that its a foreign film, so that they are beautifully shot but maybe a little off...but come on, I do NOT think it deserves all the great credit its getting.

Although 2 things defending this movie. 1.) I thought I was watching the subtitled version, and it was the dubbed instead. This may have contributed to the fact it was so shotty. I mean, how come when people dub the movie, they cant maybe look for people who sound the right gender, let alone the right age. (I know that it was a little indie movie, but seriously, there are probably actors dying to catch a break and would work for nothing to do something like that...) So in short, the dubbing was absolutely horrible. 2.) The ending, like the last 15 minutes of the move (maybe 20) was good. I enjoyed the way it was shot, even if it was a little graphic. And the VERY end, like the last 30 seconds, had a certain dark happiness behind it and that I thought was strangely beautiful.

I dunno, I'd give it 2.5 stars outta 4. Overall. A little better than average, but NOT deserving of so much chatter. That's my opinion anyways :)

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[15 Mar 2009|02:01pm]
I have a guilty pleasure. And that guilty pleasure consist of VH1 original shows-i.e. I Love Money 2, Tough Love, The Tool Academy, etc.

everything except for Rock of Love, For the Love of Ray J and Flavor of Love 3. Those show suck.

Anyways, I plan on rotting my mind out by watching these shows over my Spring Break. YAY!

EDIT: So I watched the class reunion of the Tool Academy last night and thought several things. 1.) Tiny Tool Josh, wasnt that much of a tool to begin with and shouldnt have won; Matsu shoud've. 2.) The girl coming out of the works carrying Sean's baby--is totally fake. 3.) Aida is so freaking adorable! 3.) Krista is a beeyotch. 4.) Tommy is cute. I dont know if I believe the polygraph test he took. 5.) Matsuflex is my favorite tool

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[07 Mar 2009|03:45am]
So I went to EL this past weekend to see the musical Spring Awakening with Matt and his mother. Ever since then, I havent been able to stop listening to the soundtrack. I wish it hadnt closed already or would go on tour again...

it's one of those plays that you see and you go, yea, I enjoyed it, it was really good. then you think about it for a couple hours, and realize you really DID enjoy it, and then you think about it for a couple days and you think, wow, that was one of the best musicals/plays I have ever seen.

wow. I wish I could have seen it with the original cast...oh well, closing cast is still good :)

download the music. do it.

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[28 Feb 2009|01:41am]
it's a good thing I switched over to art from psychology cuz mental people are draining...ugh.

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[21 Feb 2009|03:29pm]
things I need to do:

-complete my digiportfolio and start sending it out
-buy nice pants (preferably grey)
-start looking into dates and prices to go to NYC with Matt for graduation
-find a little black dress for Dominick's wedding
-tone up just a little bit more
-if I get around to it, buy a new DVD player and hairdryer, since both decided to die within a week and a half of each other :(
-look into completing my ABC's of Phobia's [alphabet blocks] piece for my portfolio/art exhibitions (Steve just held a show called fear...damn!)
-cut my hair (all off again, or just a trim?)
-dye my hair
-save moola
-stay cool

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[12 Feb 2009|07:02am]
If you're gonna half-ass something doc, could it not be an important medical test?

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[07 Feb 2009|11:55am]
I would give my left sock for a cadbury egg right about now...

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